Information is the oil of the 21st century

and analytics

is the combustion engine

– Peter Sondergaard –

Data Modelling
and Management

Based on the automated insights into the available data sources within your organisation, we validate the quality and integrity of your data while processing reconciliations.

We setup data dictionaries so that users can interpret and understand the data. We model the data for various use cases using conceptual, logical, technical and semantic models.

We map your data to industry standard models in case you want to offer your data to third parties.

Business Intelligence
and Data Analytics

Collecting data from various internal and external sources such as business applications, third party datasets, data mining, operational data from sensors, etc. requires all kinds of system integrations.

We store your data in different data layers for various purposes (datalakes, data warehouses, sematical models, etc.).

Leveraging the Microsoft Power platform, we gain insights and are able to make predictions by analysing the aggregated data. Adding machine learning we support you with predictions based on certain data characteristics and the application of specific AI modules that can interpret data.

Data Application Programming
Interface [API] Integration

Unlocking Seamless Possibilities: M2-D2 specializes in API services, including integration and creation, building and development of REST APIs, and expert database integration. Enhance your software’s efficiency and connectivity with our cutting-edge API solutions tailored to your unique needs.

For analytics purposes, companies require data that can enrich and/or improve their own datasets.

Think of customer master data, marketing data, credit rating data, exchange rates, vehicle data, geo spatial data, etc.

We enable companies to leverage data from other, external sources, and we build data services for customers that wish to offer REST API-enables data sets to third parties.

Artificial Intelligence
and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence is the capability of a computer system to mimic human cognitive functions such as learning and problem solving.

Machine learning is an application of AI which uses mathematical models of data to help a computer learn without direct instruction. Machine learning plays an especially important role in the field of predictive analytics.

We build self-learning models that provide for decision-making capabilities.

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