Warehouses, lakes, lake houses and self-service

In the previous blog, we discussed the five stages an organization will go through when embarking on a data journey, in search of the value of its data. In this subsequent blog, we provide you with a brief overview of the typical components that comprise a data analytics platform needed for that. We will refrain […]

Five stages in leveraging the organization’s data

Nowadays most organizations do acknowledge the importance of using their data to optimize the way they run their business. With visions of optimized operations, streamlined strategies, and sharper decisions-making, budgets are allocated for the initiation of data analytics projects. On day 1, typically the following questions are raised: What data do you have? What insights […]

Empowering data analysist with API-enabled data analytics services

Shift Toward Predictive And Prescriptive Analytics Continues Organisations invest in data analytics becuase it promises to bring competitive advantages, but many of the tools and skill sets needed to scale have been missing or in short supply. Data analysts continue to be a sought-after and expensive resource, and their valuable efforts tend to be relegated […]