“A human being is just that: energy, waves, patterns, rhythms. A dance” – Gabrielle Roth

It is important to create a fixed rhythm for the reporting. Where you initially received insight into one Excel report on a monthly or quarterly basis, you now have daily or weekly access to the most recent figures. By looking at the same figures with the management team every week, two habits arise. First of all, many new questions are coming. Questions such as: ‘Why is turnover higher/lower than the same period last year?’, or: ‘Are we still on track for this quarter?’ are the beginning of a data-driven organization. And secondly, by looking at the same numbers every week, you spot trends. You can see accurately what is happening in an organization. Compare it to photos and a movie. Instead of viewing a photo of your organization per month, you now watch a constant movie. Based on these two points, you can take action every week. So make sure the organization is geared to this as well.