DevOps Engineer

A DevOps Engineer who manages all operational activities according to the Devops working model including setting up web servers, configuring DNS records, troubleshooting servers, solving incidents, implementing changes, automating management tasks, setting up backup and restore solutions, ensuring website security and data protection, optimizing loading speeds, configuring caching and performing release management (GitHub based on a CI/CD approach):

Online Marketeer

An Online Marketer who knows the technical intricacies of optimally being found in the digital world and proactively coming to the attention of the right target group:

Graphic Designer / Front-end Developer

A Graphic Designer / Front-end Developer who can translate the customer’s brand feeling into a beautiful UX/UI design with an optimal user experience:

Back-end or Full-stack Developer

A Back-end or Full-stack Developer who can translate the customer’s functional design into a technically perfectly functioning solution:

Data Engineer

A Data Engineer who can interpret a functional requirement to define a solution design for business intelligence and data analytics environments, and who can translate that solution design into a technical design: