At M2-D2 we don’t like to do repetitive task but we prefer to automate them instead. This “wisdom” specifically applies to the field of operations of web platforms. We apply and build IT tools that can handle a wide range of IT operations automatically and accelerate IT management processes with fewer errors. This enables us to resolve multiple issues simultaneously and frees up the devops team to focus on higher value adding activities for your web platform. Furthermore, it reduces the chances of humans errors as data-driven decisions do not require human intervention.

Data-driven operations utilizes available data including:

  • Infrastructure and application data, such as the data from monitoring systems and logs from intelligent application and service monitoring (IASM) tools
  • IT service management (ITSM) data, such as tickets, change controls and asset information
  • Business system data, including robotics process automation (RPA) tools
  • Advanced business metrics to help stakeholders understand how issues affect their business

Automating systems is like engaging a checks-and-balance system to mitigate errors before they escalate. This, in turn, enables devops teams to be more proactive and resolution-oriented.